I have enrolled my child or myself in a program of strenuous physical activity, offered by Happy Feet Dance Company, Inc. and/or HappyFeet Dance School and Performance, LLC (jointly and severally, hereinafter referred to as “HappyFeet”). I hereby affirm that the above student I am enrolling is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit participation in this dance program. On behalf of myself, my heirs, and assigns, I hereby jointly and severally waive and release HappyFeet, Min Luo personally, as well as HappyFeet’s employees or contract workers, from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action arising from the above named person’s participation in any of the above stated programs. Furthermore, I hereby waive and release HappyFeet, Min Luo personally, as well as HappyFeet’s employees or contract workers, from any liability now or in the future including but not limited to muscle strains, pulls, tears, broken bones, shin splints, knee, lower back, or foot injuries and any other illness, soreness or injury however caused before, during or after participation in any other of the above stated programs offered at HappyFeet or at any time while in the vicinity of the premises of the above stated business, or in any activity sponsored, represented, or organized by HappyFeet, Min Luo personally, as well as HappyFeet’s employees or contract workers, for any reason.

Regarding COVID: By enrolling in any of our dance classes, I understand an online option may be available.  Should I choose to attend this class in-studio, I am aware of the risk involved with the COVID situation, and will not hold HappyFeet, Min Luo, as well as HappyFeet’s employees or contract workers, responsible in any case.  I will also exercise necessary precautions such as wearing a mask at all times while inside the studio, sanitize my hands upon arrival, and cooperate with temperature check when warranted, as well as stay home if I exhibit any symptom of illness or discomfort.

Regarding Zoom Online (Remote) Classes:  In addition to the above-referenced information, I assume full responsibility for any personal injuries or damages that may occur while taking our Zoom online (remote) classes.

By enrolling in any of our classes, I hereby affirm that I have read and fully understand and agree to all aspects of this Unconditional Liability Release.


I am enrolling either my child or myself for classes with HappyFeet Dance Company, Inc. and/or Happy Feet Dance School and Performance, LLC. I understand that withdrawals from the program without medical reason will result in forfeiture of all tuition and fees. I understand all tuition and fees are non-refundable. *

* Forfeited tuition resulting from a medical related cancellation may be applied toward a future program. Medical cancellations require verification with a doctor’s note.

MAKE-UP  CLASS: There is a make-up class opportunity for most (but not all) missed classes. Make-up classes must be done in the same semester as the missed classes.

Only new students. can stop classes and receive a full refund after the first class and before the second class. All students must respect HappyFeet’s teaching and administration staff.

If a student has any concern or complaint about the class, or teaching, please discuss the issue with the teacher privately after the class. If the issue cannot be resolved with the teacher, please contact Ms. Min Luo directly.


I agree that either my or my child’s picture/video or likeness can be represented and published in any or publication or media of HappyFeet Dance Company, Inc. and Happy Feet Dance School and Performance, LLC.